Hold on to a dream

  1. Having a goal: Whenever I’ve been at a point in my life when things aren’t moving, I’ve discovered that it’s often due to me not coming up with ways out to more beneficial opportunity in my life. I’m trying to do too much. And it saps my energy and motivation. It’s apparently the most popular mistake that I make: others attempt to take on too much, try to achieve too many objects at once. You cannot sustain energy and focus (the two most valuable things in achieving a goal) if you are seeking to do two or more aims at once. It’s not reasonable — I’ve tried it several times and have failed miserably with nothing to show for it. You have to choose one goal, for momentarily, and focus on it entirely. I know, that’s tough. Still, I speak from reality. You can always do your other intentions when you’ve finished your One Goal.
  2. Find your Aspiration: Inspiration, for me, comes from others stories especially people recognized who have completed what I want to achieve, or who are currently doing it. I read other blogs, books, publications. I Google my objective of life and read success stories and watch documentaries. Zen Habits is just one place for inspiration, not only from me but from many readers who have achieved amazing things recycling is methods isn’t a way to win.
  3. Get Pumped: This appears obvious, but most people don’t recall about it much: if you desire to break out of a slump, get yourself energized about a goal. But whereby can you do this when you don’t feel motivated? Well, it begins with revelation from others (see above), but you have to take that enthusiasm and build on it. For me, I’ve learned that by speaking to my brother and hearing about successful people, and to legends of yonder. And learning as much about it as feasible, and envisioning what it would be like to be wealthy (seeing the advantages of the end in my head), I get passionate about a goal. Once I’ve done that, it’s just a matter of taking that energy forward and keeping it going like momentum.
  4. Build anticipation: This will appear more difficult than it actually is, and many people will leap this knowledge. But it actually works. It helped me quit drinking after many failed efforts. If you find revelation and want to do a purpose, don’t begin right away. Many of us yearning get inspired and want to start today. That’s a misunderstanding. Set a date in the fate of life— tomorrow or the day after, or even monday— and make that your Start Date. Mark it on the calendar. Get inspired about that day. Make it the most significant date in your life. In the meantime, start scrawling out a plan. And do amazing of the steps below. Because by delaying your start, you deny yourself a beginning, not just anticipation, and decreasing your focus and energy for your goal.
  5. Post your goal: Print out your purpose in big words on the wall in your room, so you look at it all the time to make it relevant in your mind. Make your intent just a few easy words, like a mantra regularly said throughout a day. Another place you should post it ia at work. Put it on your computer desktop so when you come in the first thing you see is that reason to get off this JOB(Just Over Broke). You want to have big reminders about your goal, to keep your focus and keep your excitement going. A picture of your goal (like a model with sexy abs, for example) also helps.





Now I See

I know to see what the important things in life especially since we don’t get any do-overs in the choices or the occurrences that happen so make the most of what time we in the world. Vision and aspiration are not just words we say in times when they are relevant to us instead they are the things defining our endless potential in this life. Ride into the sun with no worries but be filled with the last ember of glory this is the ending I dream of for all humanity a glorious ending to be remembered. Now we have what people call street heresy” a “Democratic heresy” or a “Republican heresy,” are comparisons that invariably grasp a subtext that links orthodoxies in geology or biology or any other field including religion to influence and change people’s lives not even for the better. These expanded metaphoric senses allude to both the difference between the individual’s views and the mainstream and the boldness of such a person in propounding these views.  Remove them from your life like you have a carpet steam cleaner leaving no trace of it to pollute what needs to be done. Continue reading



So many people hear the word no in their lives that they completely forget that life is not orderly that sometimes things don’t work out and just trying to grow the only thing that matters. Never fall into the trap of what people think of you because at the end of the day that has no effect on what happens in your life. The two groups of people from high school who realized this were the people deemed weird or nerdy due to the fact they enjoyed being different in an intelligent way or have crazy ideas about changing the world. This has made them successful in their lives well the people who thought about only looking good in front of others have had a real reality check if you didn’t realize beforehand which is fine, but some people get knocked off their feet by this. Which says a lot about a person who had to fight every day to prove them selfs not the person who was thought talented or beautiful only, that’s sad because its the same as being empty for a period of time not growing or becoming better. Continue reading

IF you forget me

This is the main thing I remember what is an example of a recent scientific exoteric; I do not have the appropriate patience or did not gain the scientific weakness. While the details of this work are in scientific disrepute, the concept of catastrophic change if you forget me I will forget you. Never in the long absence of life do I think of past moments when you left me alone in the land which my enemies inhabit are surrounding me denying me, killing me for nothing more than being alive. I shall lift my roots and fly to another land where my existence is more than a number or statement, but the real gift of my maker unchanged was I might find peace in a world filled with hatred and lies, born of hypocrites left to shape the youth into mongrels. I see this world for all the hatred it based on the foundation slowly corrupting the future of thought and understanding limiting much instead of in powering. Spreading a lie of nothingness and self-indulging that don’t benefit you but keeps truth and the way far from you grasp. Continue reading