Now I See

I know to see what the important things in life especially since we don’t get any do-overs in the choices or the occurrences that happen so make the most of what time we in the world. Vision and aspiration are not just words we say in times when they are relevant to us instead they are the things defining our endless potential in this life. Ride into the sun with no worries but be filled with the last ember of glory this is the ending I dream of for all humanity a glorious ending to be remembered. Now we have what people call street heresy” a “Democratic heresy” or a “Republican heresy,” are comparisons that invariably grasp a subtext that links orthodoxies in geology or biology or any other field including religion to influence and change people’s lives not even for the better. These expanded metaphoric senses allude to both the difference between the individual’s views and the mainstream and the boldness of such a person in propounding these views.  Remove them from your life like you have a carpet steam cleaner leaving no trace of it to pollute what needs to be done.

An individual live in this world without just being only or terrible we need to work together to make amazing things happen because different is not a curse but gift that drives us forward no to be stuck in the ideas of whats OK and whats healthy. Many people spread lies to divert you from a righteous path they will never in their lives be able find instead they shall all be murdered by the darkness of ignorance and stupidity no one is going to allow such weak people to ever hold powers again the end of those days are so cut through every and anything that gets in your way. Now i see the truth people are nothing but liars and hypocrits that only hold you back so don’t care about move past the unimportant humans who waste their existence so you can be the person you dreamed of.