7 Steps


For me, the path to real power and success is the purpose of life, and anyone could take part in this if they only wish to. Many folks think of various to get things done which is true there is always more than one way but when you try to take into much and be a jack of all trades you find you, master one task. Don’t be like my buddy  towing\ his shit car to a repair which was a waste of money instead of just buying a new one.

I fear not the man who practiced 10000 kick once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times.
-Bruce Lee
I have broken down the 7 steps I am taking to

1) Set an object and follow this way.
The way is like pot filled road that can go in many directions, but one is always true. When you learn to master at determining which path, you will be motivated to complete a challenge, ambitious goals.

2) Finish what you start.
Most people don’t go through with half their project like it’s no use to anyone if it becomes to hard move forward. Quitting is a sickness Develop in a society where rich people now determine what you can do or what you are suited for. The habit of finishing self-motivated projects/goals will make you a master of you own life choices.

3) Socialize with others of similar importance.
What I mean by this is that you will not find mutual support or motivating words from the people you surround yourself with cause they are stuck in a basic mindset and aspiring to be more doesn’t penetrate their skulls. We will develop the attitudes of our five best friends which mean’s If they are losers we become losers. But at the same time, if they are winners, we will be a winner, because their positive attitudes and behavioral aspects will rub off on you.

4) Be a Self learner.
Dependency on others to gain any sort of knowledge is a bad habit we taught in our school systems and homes since they both don’t support the habit of propelling students into a better mindset all the time. It was said that man has the ability to learn about the universe if he would only listen. In fact, when we learn the technique of self-education, we will discover, we must create an opportunity for ourselves if none exist, success is only beyond our wildest dreams.

5) Harmonize natural talent with interest that motivates.
The ability to utilize you natural talents to fullest is a skill you have to learn in order to achieve goals but the need to create motivation is very high; motivation produces persistence and persistence get the job done. You’ll see in time that this will be like a second nature allowing for a growth into the sun a Chinese bamboo tree that only grows out of the dirt after five years of watering with a sprouting allowing it to live in the light of the sun.

6) Increase knowledge of subjects that inspires.
The more we know about the things we want and the goals we desire, the more we want to learn about it so we can bring them into existence like dream truly lived. A self-propelled upward spiral develops casting into the sky of hope and a universe of possibilities, but knowledge and wisdom are the foundations of this great structure defining your life.

7) Don’t be afraid take a risk.
People always tell you failure is not an option, and there is no bouncing back meaning it is the end which is false most of the things in this world created by mankind was forged from the flames failure because the difference between failing and truly losing is not giving up. Moments of defeat are the greatest elements of motivation. A failure is a learning opportunity you know have to learn something someone doesn’t, giving you the upper hand in life it self. No one has ever accomplished anything in this world that was worthwhile without a series of failures.