IF you forget me

This is the main thing I remember what is an example of a recent scientific exoteric; I do not have the appropriate patience or did not gain the scientific weakness. While the details of this work are in scientific disrepute, the concept of catastrophic change if you forget me I will forget you. Never in the long absence of life do I think of past moments when you left me alone in the land which my enemies inhabit are surrounding me denying me, killing me for nothing more than being alive. I shall lift my roots and fly to another land where my existence is more than a number or statement, but the real gift of my maker unchanged was I might find peace in a world filled with hatred and lies, born of hypocrites left to shape the youth into mongrels. I see this world for all the hatred it based on the foundation slowly corrupting the future of thought and understanding limiting much instead of in powering. Spreading a lie of nothingness and self-indulging that don’t benefit you but keeps truth and the way far from you grasp.
Now think of all the potential you have not even used yet a power unreleased into the world waiting to be measured by those who would deny you the end of the world. Cutting between the lines of bull shit we see that we can form a new path not limited by the maze in life in me nothing is forgotten. You will be alone with the gods and the nights will flame with fire do it do it do it all the way. All the time in the world will never make me forget the moment I came into the world changing everything that had come before. Like the tale I tell myself so I never forget what I truly am and the aspects of my life I can achieve no matter the cause moving from one land to another drifting free above all na sayers. You will ride life into perfect laughter its the only things that matter.